Travel insurance. What is it and what may be the nuances: expert opinion

Travel insurance. What is it and what may be the nuances: expert opinion

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On the eve of the summer season, we spoke with representatives of the insurance companies about the best way to insure your vacation, what to take into account and anticipate so that your vacation does not go to waste.

What is travel insurance? What includes?

Anton Kolegov, Chief Insurer of the Travel Insurance Department, AlfaStrakhovanie:

Travel insurance provides the guaranteed receipt of emergency medical care during a vacation abroad and compensation for related costs, including the cost of transportation back home. The tourist has the right to receive the services provided by the insurance program of the policy during his stay abroad in the territory specified in the insurance contract.

The standard policy includes risks such as medical and medical transportation costs, emergency dental care, transportation costs (evacuation of children, return after a long hospital stay), payment for urgent messages. The insurance policy can be extended by covering additional risks: expenses in case of loss or theft of documents, obtaining legal assistance, flight delays. The tourist can insure luggage, movable and immovable property for the period of absence, civil liability, contract a trip cancellation insurance.

Mikhail Efimov, Director of Insurance, INTOUCH:

Travel insurance is a travel insurance program that provides protection against financial losses associated with the provision of medical care, transportation, and other unforeseen expenses while traveling.

As a general rule, this service is included in the travel package. However, more and more people are getting used to planning their vacations on their own and are faced with the need to choose their own insurance option.

Alina Arkhipova, Head of the Personal Insurance Sales Development Department at the Yekaterinburg branch of OJSC SOGAZ:

Travel insurance is insurance for medical expenses and medical transport for citizens who travel abroad. Despite the fact that, according to Russian law, this type of insurance is voluntary, in many countries the presence of such a policy is a prerequisite for the issuance of a visa.

When traveling to Russia, tourists can seek medical help for free, having only a compulsory health insurance policy (according to the law on compulsory health insurance). This document does not apply abroad, but medical services are not cheap and you will have to pay for them yourself. At the same time, as statistics show, accidents happen to our citizens abroad more often than at home: resorts have more traumatic entertainments, in addition to acclimatization, water changes, changes in eating habits, etc. Therefore, it is best to be careful in advance to prevent possible (and considerable!) Costs. In addition, the policy is inexpensive: with an insured amount of 30,000 USD. with a minimum set of risks for ordinary travel (not associated with active sports and other extreme recreation), it is calculated on the basis of 0.7 USD. for the day of the trip.

The price of the policy depends on both the host country and the insurance program. The minimal program, of course, costs less, but the set of risks is less. As a general rule, it includes the expenses of emergency medical and dental care, hospital (surgery, services of medical personnel, etc.), transportation to the clinic or home and, in the worst case, the repatriation of the body to the place nearest international residence of the insured. airport.

I would recommend to our tourists that they expand the program to include an early return to their homeland, the visit of a close relative, and the search for an insured in an emergency. The surcharge is small, but there are more insured risks. It is reasonable to increase the sum insured if you have a business trip to an unfavorable region, to a country with a problematic sanitary and epidemiological situation. If the tourist is a supporter of outdoor activities or sports, then the risk "sports" must be added to the policy, otherwise the insurance company will not pay the costs of treatment. As an additional option, I recommend insuring civil liability in the event of damage to health and property of third parties.

Alexander Shvab, Deputy Director of the Travel Insurance Department at Alliance Insurance Company:

The standard insurance policy for those traveling abroad is insurance for medical expenses and medical transportation. Within the limits of the insured amount, this policy covers the costs of organizing and providing medical and / or medical transport assistance for emergency indications in cases recognized as insured and occurring in the country of temporary stay as a result of: sudden illness acute; trauma resulting from an accident; Acute toothache resulting from inflammation of the tooth and / or surrounding tissues.

The policy covers the costs of providing inpatient and outpatient emergency medical care, including all medical procedures, tests, medications, etc. necessary. As well as the medical transport of the patient necessary for medical reasons to a medical institution for hospital treatment and to a place of permanent residence for subsequent treatment and rehabilitation.

The Alliance standard travel insurance policy also includes insurance for the costs associated with the return of the insured's unattended children, visiting an inpatient by a relative, as well as costs associated with returning to the country of permanent residence. due to the death or emergency hospitalization of a close family member. ...

The price of any policy depends on the set of risks included in it. The cost of the policy with the emergency medical assistance and medical transportation program is configured based on the amount of the insured amount, the duration of the trip, the country of stay, the traveler's occupation during the trip and their age. For example, a policy with standard coverage for a period of 10 days for countries like Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Thailand with a minimum insured amount ($ 15,000) now costs about 300 rubles, for European countries (insurance amount € 30,000 ) - 500 rubles.

What should be guided when choosing insurance?

Mikhail Efimov, Director of Insurance, INTOUCH:

Selection should be guided by understanding the risks to be hedged. Current insurance programs compensate for losses not only in the event of medical expenses, but also in the event of lost luggage, delays on scheduled flights, and more. Then you can enable the trip cancellation insurance option.

Anton Kolegov, Chief Insurer of the Travel Insurance Department, AlfaStrakhovanie:

First of all, you should pay attention to the sum insured, the presence of limits / deductibles, carefully study the list of exclusions from insurance coverage. The tour operator package usually includes a minimum policy with an insured amount of 15 thousand euros. For more acceptable protection, the insured sum must be at least 30 thousand euros. However, when providing serious medical care, this amount may not be enough, we recommend buying insurance products with a higher limit. At the same time, the cost of the policy is relatively low: for a standard program with coverage of 30 thousand euros, the traveler will pay about 300 rubles. An increase in the amount of the insured amount will not mean a proportional increase in the cost of the policy, it will not cost much more.

Alexander Shvab, Deputy Director of the Travel Insurance Department at Alliance Insurance Company:

It all depends on what you are going to do on your vacation. If you are planning a relaxing beach vacation or sightseeing tour, a standard policy will suffice for you. But if you are planning an active or even extreme vacation associated with increased danger during the holidays, then you need to understand that a standard policy will not cover increased risks. On such a trip, you must purchase a policy that clearly states that coverage is extended in the event of damage to health as a result of sports, dangerous work, or extreme hobbies.

Alina Arkhipova, Head of the Personal Insurance Sales Development Department of the Yekaterinburg branch of OJSC SOGAZ:

First of all, you need to focus on the insured amount of the policy and the insurance program that is guaranteed for it. I recommend paying particular attention to the list of program exclusions.

And in order not to find yourself in an unpleasant situation, I advise you not to look for a cheap offer, choose an insurance company with stable financial performance and experience in insurance in this segment of the market, ready to meet its obligations at any time.
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