How to insure your apartment today

How to insure your apartment today

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What is voluntary apartment insurance and how to use it. In which cases the insurance will be paid. Who can insure your apartment. How much is insurance.

1. Why do you need apartment insurance?

If the apartment is insured, the insurance will cover damages from the most common insured events that may occur in the apartment, for example:

  • fire and its consequences (actually those of fire fighting), even if it was started not in your apartment;
  • an explosion for any reason other than a terrorist attack, even if he did not occur in your apartment;
  • the apartment bay due to the failure of heating systems, water supply, sewage, internal drains, even if the accident did not occur in your apartment;
  • wind above 20 m / sec - a hurricane, tornado, shower, accompanying rain, snow or hail.

2.Who can insure your apartment?

Almost any homeowner or tenant in a US apartment building can insure their apartment or room. The exception is only one thing: you will not be able to insure your apartment or room, if the living room is recognized as emergency or unfit to live.

3. How to conclude an insurance contract?

The protection insurance system is constructed in such a way that it was the most convenient for use.

In the basic version it runs as follows: authorized by the United States Government State budget of the institution of cities property payments and housing insurance "annually organizes the sending of mail" certified insurance "on the carrier (without specifying the full name of the property owner or tenant) - in fact, this is an offer to enter into an insurance contract with a monthly payment of premiums with an insurance company selected in the contest of the city. As a general rule, together with the evidence sent to special business insurance receipts, which can be useful in case if you pay for housing and communal services not according to a single payment document (UPC) or if you want to pay the insurance once for the whole year.

If you have the right to participate in the urban property insurance system, but did not receive "certified insurance" or a receipt for payment, you can appeal to the authorized organization or insurance company, which serves your administration of the district.

For an insurance contract in the basic version, she acted monthly enough to pay the insurance premiums for the following month. For example, in September you can pay the insurance premium up to and including September 30, and then the insurance will be valid for the entire month of October. On the other hand, if you do not pay the fee or will do it later (for example, pay the fee on October 1 or later) in October, the insurance act will not be. However, this does not mean that one more insurance contract does not work - paid on October 1 or a later fee will provide apartment insurance in November.

4. How do I pay my insurance premiums if I want insurance at a higher rate?

If you want to increase the amount of insurance coverage in the occurrence of the insured event or simply to conclude a one-year contract to pay insurance in the year at a time, refer to company insurance, serving your district administration .

Returning to company insurance, an individual contract may be concluded for a period of only one year.

5. What is common home property insurance?

The president orders property owners to pay only the costs of the contents and current repairs to the home and to make contributions to finance capital repairs. But if you need an unforeseen total damage repair asset to collect in that money you will have to separately.

  • However, if the common property in the home is insured, insurance may cover the costs. Insured events covered by insurance:
  • fire and its consequences (for example, if the house was damaged by fire, smoke, high temperature or in the process of extinguishing a fire);
  • explosion for any reason other than a terrorist attack
  • accidents of heating systems, water supply systems, sewage systems and internal drains
  • strong wind (more than 20 meters in the second), a hurricane, a tornado, a bombardment and that accompany them to rain, snow or hail

illegal actions of third parties.

6. How do you secure the common property of your home?

To secure common ownership of an apartment building, you must make a proper decision at a general meeting of premises owners.

If a decision has been made in principle, you need to decide who will act as the insured. This could be:

  • one of the owners of the premises
  • persons authorized by decision of the general meeting of owners of premises
  • owners' association
  • housing cooperative
  • a consumer cooperative created by the owners of premises for the purpose of managing common property
  • the home management organization chosen by the facility owners

For the conclusion of the policy contract or its essential representative apply for the insurance of the company, which serves its district administration.

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